Letting go of pressure and obligation.

pressure-at-workMore and more I have been catching moments of feeling free of pressure or obligation to accomplish something in my life – and being able to just be. I don’t mean opting out of life (on the contrary!), just living life with a deeper sense of trust and ease.

How about you? Have you ever wondered what you have accepted as “expected” or “normal” in life that is, in truth, not necessary—or normal?  Where do you put pressure on yourself to achieve or measure up in some way? Home is a great place to see where you put pressure on yourself – and lighten up.

Think about it. Have you accepted that it’s normal to feel stressed, full of self-doubt, worry, fear, anger and overwhelm? It may be common to feel that way, but it certainly isn’t “normal”.  Not unless you have been allowing it to be – in which case you might want to find yourself a new normal.

I believe that “normal” is living each day with a sense of peace and ease, with curiosity and kindness, knowing deep inside you that everything is all right. I believe that normal is feeling unconditional love inside you, knowing that you are safe, “good enough” and perfect as you are.  I absolutely believe that life is meant to feel good, beginning (and especially!) at home. Try that belief on for a while and notice the difference in how you feel. I may not always experience life that way, not yet, not all the time, but it’s happening more and more. And it is reflected in my home, both physically and energetically.

I think one of the reasons that people live in stress and “stuckness” at home is that they simply don’t know any better. They really believe that the way things are is “reality” and that there is no choice but to keep doing what they are doing and thinking what they are thinking. Acknowledging that you are the creator of your own life experience can feel scary, but for me not nearly as scary as believing that I am not the creator of my own life!

I made a decision to become happy a long time ago.  I knew nothing then of energy and healing and the power of thought, but I felt relieved just making the decision.  I hit my share of bumps along the way to happy, but I made it. It started with me choosing, and gets deeper as I let go of needing to accomplish something in life – and just do my best each moment. Ironically, if I had had my own book to read way back when I started, I could have gotten happy sooooo much faster! 🙂

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