What’s getting in your way at home – time or money? Guess again!

When it comes to getting your home cleaned up, fixed up or organized, what’s in the way of you getting things done? Not enough time? Not enough money? Perhaps both? Maybe it’s other people? If that’s what you’re telling yourself, stop! Time and money, or even other people, are not the issue. They never are. Not really. When it comes to home, you always have choice in how things are and how things feel – that is, of course, if you understand how things work.

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It all comes down to one basic universal fact: everything is energy – and you and your home are energetically connected. Your home doesn’t reflect who you are (whew, huh?), but it does reflect how you are – and you can learn a lot by looking around where you live. If your home is messy, disorganized or lingering in disrepair, it’s a good indicator that something is out of alignment energetically within you. Basically, when your home feels “off”, you feel “off”, and when you feel “off”, your home becomes “off”. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing. So where do you start to make things better?

For your home to look and feel great to be in, start by slowly shifting the energy both at home and in you. Start with you. A few seconds several times a day, develop the habit of noticing your thoughts. Begin to observe what’s going on in your head. When you catch yourself with discouraging thoughts, stop. Breathe. Then let yourself feel what it’s like to say (and believe) something like: Whatever is here can be changed, with ease. I choose my life and I choose to live with order and beauty, beginning right now, right here in my home. All is aligned for me to move forward and I feel good about my life. I am ready to roll. Breathe and relax.

Now go and clean out a drawer. Do a load of laundry. Wipe off your kitchen counter. Pick the clothes up off your bedroom floor. Dust your bookshelves and carry a box of “pass along” books to the curb. Open your blinds and curtains and let the sun shine in. Replace a burned out light bulb. Pack up a bag of old clothes for charity. Clean one refrigerator shelf. Throw out something broken or worn out. Take focused action for just 3, 5 or 10 minutes (even one!), several times a day, gently pushing yourself a little if you have to, until making things better at home becomes part of what you do each day without even thinking about it. Consistency is the key. When you are ready (you will know!), you will find yourself moving up to 30 minutes, an hour, and eventually more at times, until you experience profound change at home.

Get excited as you begin to feel the weight of the world being lifted from you – thought by thought, day by day, action by action. Notice how earlier concerns about time and money dissolve as you step in to your power. Eventually, as you and your home continue to shift energetically upwards together, you will recognize what’s actually in the way of you getting things done at home: nothing!

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  1. Excellent comments Sara and a great way to approach life.

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