Affirmation and transformation this Christmas.

Winter Morning

This Christmas especially, with all that’s happening on the planet, it’s more important than ever to remember the transformative power of love and hope.

Where better to remember love and hope than right within yourself and your home?

Feel the sensations in your body as you read through the affirmations below.

Breathe deeply and notice which statements resonate most deeply within you:

  • I take good care of myself in every way I know how.  I get enough rest, water, fresh air, healthy food and exercise every day, and it makes a big difference in how I feel. I am learning to release myself from expectations – my own and other people’s. I notice the things on my To Do List that don’t really matter and I let them go. I remember to breathe.
  • I keep my living space clean, tidy and beautiful just because it feels good. I notice that if I clean and tidy every day – five, ten, fifteen minutes here and there as often as I can – it’s easier than trying to do everything at once. It feels good to feel in control of what’s around me at home.
  • I put my time, energy and money into what matters most. I feel the powerful, energetic difference between “I can’t spend money” and “I choose not to spend money.” “I choose” changes everything. I am starting to recognize how much of what I do with my time (and, if I’m honest, with my money) is optional, and it feels inspiring and empowering to think about new choices I could make.
  • I treat others with kindness and respect. I do my best to see others with love and compassion, even when they are not at their best….maybe even especially when they are not at their best. I notice that responding with kindness in any situation at home or elsewhere always works out better. I can speak up and set healthy boundaries with people while still being kind.
  • I remember what matters most in life and it gives me hope.Amidst everything that’s in the news these days, I remember the incredible goodness in the world, especially at Christmas. People are so amazing, doing what they can to help those in need, sharing their gifts with the world in so many different ways – creating music, food, art….being in service, in whatever way they can. I am reminded of how much I can make a difference, in my own way, with the people I know and love, and even with strangers, and it feels good.
  • I’m not sure how or why, but I feel like 2018 is going to be the best year of my life so far. I can feel it. If what’s happening in the world right now is Light shining onto the Darkness to help each of us see how we can stand up and make better choices for ourselves and the planet – then I want to be part of the Light. I am ready to shine like never before.

Read these affirmations every day from now until Christmas and see what magic happens – in you, your home and your life. 

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I wish you more hope and joy this Christmas than you ever thought possible.

P.S. Be sure to share this Christmas message with friends and family who come to mind – you never know whose life you might change.

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