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HOuseHeal: Into Practice
This unique life-changing course starts January 23, 2018 – for the first time “live” online so you can participate from wherever you live!
Do you fantasize about having more control in your home – and in your life?Do you feel like there’s more to you than is showing up in your life right now?Are you ready for life to feel easier in 2018?
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Are you ready to love your home and your life at a whole new level?

Are you longing for a clean, beautiful, welcoming, organized living space, bursting with love and good energy? Do you and your home need more time, money, energy and focus than you have right now? Good news! If you want to resolve issues in your home and start loving your life at a whole new level, you can begin today. It’s easier than you think.

Some people believe your home reflects who you are. It doesn’t! Your home reflects how you are, and how well you are taking care of yourself. Everything is energy, and you and your home are energetically intertwined. If you are bogged down by too much stuff, décor dilemmas, mess, clutter, disrepair, stalled projects, not enough time, not enough money, lack of motivation, emotional stress or whatever is going on for you at home, you can dissolve, shift and transform those issues as if by magic when you learn how to work with the energetic connection between you and your home.

HouseHeal teaches you The 3 Keys that that unlock the door to everything you dream of at home and beyond.

“My experiences throughout the four-week course were life-changing and eye-opening. Wow!!” Adrienne

“I highly recommend this course if you are ready to make changes and have a better life.”Marja

“The HouseHeal workshop took me to a place I could not have imagined prior to taking the course.” Penny

HouseHeal into Practice – NEW on-line course January 2018. Register here – spaces limited.


Sara Brown CrowderAbout Sara Brown Crowder

Sara Brown Crowder, B.A. is a dynamic spiritual teacher who helps you to take charge of your life, beginning at home. Sara’s principle-based approach helps you to recognize how issues such as clutter, mess, décor dilemmas, disrepair and discontent at home are all linked to energy and cannot be resolved by action alone. Sara’s powerful and inspiring teaching HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home opens you up to whole new world of Awareness, showing you the powerful connection between what’s in your home and what’s in your life, and what you can do about it. <Read More>