“I will never look at my home and myself the same again. I was mesmerized by what Sara was saying throughout the course and I couldn’t get enough.”

HouseHeal into Practice 

This life-changing course is for people who are ready to realize their own power on a deeper level, beginning at home. In practical, interactive sessions you will get what you need to change forever how you see yourself and your home, and be in action. Over the time of the course, your understanding of the principles will deepen, and translate into daily practices that will change your experience of home forever. It’s one thing to understand intellectually how “energy” works in your home, and another to put that understanding into practice. By the end of this course, you will be asking yourself “Can it really be this easy to have a home and a life that I love?” and as you notice the changes you will discover that, yes, it can be that easy.

In this course you will:

  • see your home in a whole new light – and feel relief!
  • get your “to do” list done more easily than you ever thought possible
  • learn how to make mess and clutter disappear for good
  • release the hold that “stuff” has on you and be free
  • unleash your inner decorator and feel confident in your décor choices
  • be in action and get projects done like never before – without even trying
  • know better what you want to have and to experience in your home
  • get along with people in your home more easily – especially when making home decisions together
  • steadily raise the level of beauty in your home
  • fill your home with a growing sense of ease and happiness
  • be nicer to yourself every day
  • get you want more easily than you ever dared to hope!

If you are ready for major wonderful changes in your home and in your life, this course is for you! Includes an in-depth workbook.

What participants have to say:

“I highly recommend this course if you are ready to make changes and have a better life. For me, shifts started to happen as soon as I signed up for the course. Sara has a deep understanding of the way our homes reflect how we are. She gently and compassionately guided us through the steps for change. The modules that she has created are a thoughtful and perfect progression of actions that have already changed my home but also the way I feel about it and myself. Sara held a safe place for me to share my thoughts and feelings and helped me to relate them back to my home. She encouraged me and gave me hope with her kind wisdom and many ideas and techniques.”  – Marja

”The HouseHeal workshop took me to a place I could not have imagined prior to taking the course. The tools given to me from each session are helpful and so positive in living all aspects of life to the fullest. Our home is our small contribution to making the bigger world a better place. I looked forward to each Saturday morning with enthusiasm to share my new awareness, to listen to the others discoveries and to laugh and learn in a warm, loving and non-judgemental environment. Thanks so very much Sara.” – Penny

”I experience the change in perspective developed through your course daily. ” – David

“My experiences throughout the four-week course were life-changing and eye-opening. Wow!! I feel like a whole new person, ready to welcome all the positive and happy things (and people) into my life that I am destined to have. I am so grateful and thankful
for Sara coaching me through my challenges. My home will be a better place to live in as I move forward, accepting the changes and inner peace that comes with real self-discovery.” –  Adrienne

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. This is the start of a new way for me and I’m very excited about the future.”

“Superb presentation. Most enjoyable, thoughtful and practical.”

“Excellent. Funny and entertaining. MORE!!”

“I found the session to be very inspiring and thought-provoking. It was an AMAZING experience!”

“The material was excellent and I plan to read it over again and again to motivate me.
I truly think you have created an exciting, profound experiential framework for this work.”

“The course was informative, eye opening, simple to follow and applicable.”

“I needed to hear this information. Excellent.”

“Prompted me to take action!”

“I now know what to do.”

“Perfect! Please have her back!”

“Excellent. Practical to the Nth degree.”

“Wonderfully presented, well-organized and excellent handout.”

“Thanks for your credibility and generosity and ability to communicate with inspiring conviction.”