“I will never look at my home and myself the same again. I was mesmerized by what Sara was saying throughout the course and I couldn’t get enough.”

Do you fantasize about having more control in your home – and in your life?

Do you feel like there’s more to you than is showing up in your life right now?

Are you ready for life to feel easier in 2018?


Register for HouseHeal into Practice starting Tuesday, January 23 and step into your power on a whole new level, starting at home, for the rest of your life.


Get ready for a bigger shift than you even dreamed possible
– at home, and beyond.

Every minute of every day, you are shaping your life, whether you know it or not.

When you start to see how your home affects you, you begin to live with more awareness, more conscious intention – and momentum.

Acknowledging that you have a choice in how you live at home changes everything. Awareness is your point of power.

HouseHeal shows you how to create a life that you love every day, a life that feels deeply right, a life that feels rich and meaningful, a life that is uniquely yours, from the smallest details of your home, to the overall feeling of your life in general.


HouseHeal helps you to live a life full of hope, happiness and a sense of purpose – while creating a more and more beautiful home in the process.


This uniquely powerful teaching quickly changes how you see yourself, your home and the world – and frees you to live your best life possible, starting immediately, at home.

There’s so much more (love, ease, joy) available to each of us than we have ever been taught. HouseHeal helps you to see what’s available to you, and to trust it.

Because HouseHeal into Practice is taught at the level of understanding, what you learn in this course stays with you and becomes part of how you function at home and in the world. HouseHeal’s “do-able” daily practices help you create a more beautiful love-filled home and a more beautiful love-filled life – for the rest of your life.

HouseHeal into Practice helps you to know what to do
– and actually do it.

This rich and deeply personal course is hard to describe but here are some of the shifts/changes/transformations you are likely to notice:

star Life feels lighter.
star You find it easier let go of “stuff” at home, both physically and emotionally, and you feel a new sense of freedom. Your closets, cupboards and drawers transform – and so do you.
star You look at what needs to be done at home and feel a sense of excitement and possibility, rather than a sense of dread, doubt or overwhelm – and you start getting things done more easily than you ever thought possible (chores, repairs, projects).
star You find yourself getting new ideas and inspiration for what would make your home more comfortable, functional and beautiful – and are amazed at how many new possibilities you see. You notice and trust what you like, and your process for making decisions becomes faster and easier.
star You let go of the need to “figure out” how things will happen, and take action where you can. You enjoy the intuitive process of creating a living space you love, and notice how things happen in ways you couldn’t orchestrate if you tried (things like coincidences, synchronicity, and stuff showing up as if by magic become more and more a part of your life)
star You notice new ease with people in your life, especially at home – communication becomes more loving and kind, you work together more naturally, resourcefulness and creativity replace stresses and irritations that you may not even have realized were there.
star Your home looks and feels more organized and beautiful every day.
star You feel a growing sense of ease and happiness for no particular reason.


The whole learning process in HouseHeal is incredible – you will not recognize yourself at the end! HouseHeal into Practice includes:

star A private 15-minute Session with me by Skype or FaceTime to help you set your intentions for the course
star Four (4) weekly live small-group classes accessible by phone/computer (max. 8 people). Each module of the course builds on the module before, giving you specific new awareness and understanding along with daily practices each week. Each week’s class will be recorded for you to re-listen for deeper understanding and re-enforcement
star Electronic access to my award-winning book HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home, which provides the framework for the course
star Four (4) follow-up small-group discussions (by phone/computer) to share stories, ask questions and deepen your understanding of HouseHeal’s powerful step-by-step process (dates for these sessions will be set following the 4 main modules)


Registration $995/Early Bird $695 plus hst

One time only for the launch of HouseHeal into
Practice On Line Early Bird just $495!

8 places only! If you feel called to take this course, register right away to secure your spot.

Classes are Tuesday Evenings at 7 pm EST starting on January 23 – 90 minutes (allow 2 hours). If you cannot attend all classes live they will be recorded.

Dates are 4 consecutive Tuesdays starting January 23 with classes continuing January 30, February 6 & February 13.

HouseHeal is the culmination/integration of my 30+ years of (passionate and slightly obsessive!) deep spiritual exploration and 15 years of making people’s homes more beautiful in my husband’s real estate business – plus a lifetime of knowing there is more possible in life than we have been shown or taught. I created HouseHeal as the teaching I could not find in my years of searching, and I believe it is the most helpful, accessible, practical, powerful spiritual teaching on the planet today. That’s a big claim, I know, but I am totally comfortable with it.

Early Bird $495 plus hst

LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER – Until January 20th – Early Bird registration is just $495! 8 places only! If you feel called to take this course, register right away to secure your spot.


My Promise/Guarantee: If you don’t love this course, I will give you your money back.


Sara Brown Crowder

Sara Brown CrowderSara Brown Crowder, B.A. is an award-winning author and dynamic spiritual teacher who helps people to take charge of their lives, beginning at home. Sara’s principle-based approach helps people to recognize how issues such as clutter, mess, décor dilemmas, disrepair, discontent and stagnation at home are all linked to energy and cannot be resolved by action alone. Sara’s powerful and inspiring teaching HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home opens people up to whole new world of awareness, showing them the powerful connection between what’s in their homes and what’s in their lives, and what they can do about it. Sara’s down-to-earth and practical style makes things fun and easy to understand – and brings immediate tangible results.

With over 25 years of study in the field of personal growth and healing, Sara made the perfect connection between the spiritual and the practical while preparing homes for sale with her husband, realtor Gary Crowder of ReMax Hallmark Crowder Group Realty Ltd. Sara is passionate about people finding their own inner strength and guidance to bring more joy and ease into their lives; she has spoken at major conferences including the Professional Organizers of Canada.

Legal Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person based on individual readiness and commitment.

What participants have to say:

“I highly recommend this course if you are ready to make changes and have a better life. For me, shifts started to happen as soon as I signed up for the course. Sara has a deep understanding of the way our homes reflect how we are. She gently and compassionately guided us through the steps for change. The modules that she has created are a thoughtful and perfect progression of actions that have already changed my home but also the way I feel about it and myself. Sara held a safe place for me to share my thoughts and feelings and helped me to relate them back to my home. She encouraged me and gave me hope with her kind wisdom and many ideas and techniques.”  – Marja

“The HouseHeal workshop took me to a place I could not have imagined prior to taking the course. The tools given to me from each session are helpful and so positive in living all aspects of life to the fullest. Our home is our small contribution to making the bigger world a better place. I looked forward to each Saturday morning with enthusiasm to share my new awareness, to listen to the others discoveries and to laugh and learn in a warm, loving and non-judgemental environment. Thanks so very much Sara.” – Penny

“I experience the change in perspective developed through your course daily. ” – David

“My experiences throughout the four-week course were life-changing and eye-opening. Wow!! I feel like a whole new person, ready to welcome all the positive and happy things (and people) into my life that I am destined to have. I am so grateful and thankful
for Sara coaching me through my challenges. My home will be a better place to live in as I move forward, accepting the changes and inner peace that comes with real self-discovery.” –  Adrienne

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. This is the start of a new way for me and I’m very excited about the future.”

“Superb presentation. Most enjoyable, thoughtful and practical.”

“Excellent. Funny and entertaining. MORE!!”

“I found the session to be very inspiring and thought-provoking. It was an AMAZING experience!”

“The material was excellent and I plan to read it over again and again to motivate me.
I truly think you have created an exciting, profound experiential framework for this work.”

“The course was informative, eye opening, simple to follow and applicable.”

“I needed to hear this information. Excellent.”

“Prompted me to take action!”

“I now know what to do.”

“Perfect! Please have her back!”

“Excellent. Practical to the Nth degree.”

“Wonderfully presented, well-organized and excellent handout.”

“Thanks for your credibility and generosity and ability to communicate with inspiring conviction.”


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Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4M 0A6