What is HouseHeal?

HouseHeal is a powerful teaching that helps you to understand the connection between what is in your HOME and what is in your LIFE. HouseHeal’s simple, practical, personal approach helps you to develop new self-confidence and clarity, and move into action in ways you never thought possible. HouseHeal is as much about you as it is about your house. You will discover just how deep the connection is between you and your home.


“Does my living space, and what I do there, truly reflect how I want to live my life?”

If you don’t answer a resounding “yes” to that question, HouseHeal can help you get there!

Your living space plays an important role in your overall state of mind. Getting your living space in order can strengthen your personal foundation and support breakthroughs in other areas of your life. When you become aware of your surroundings, notice how you feel, and make changes that make you feel better, you will begin to live a happier, easier, more inspired life!  Your home is a powerful energy influence in your life – HouseHeal helps it to be a GOOD one!

How does HouseHeal work?

Basically, when you understand the HouseHeal process, something shifts. You get ideas and insights about yourself and your living space, and immediately feel better about both. Working with powerful principles, this teaching helps you to recognize things about yourself by understanding the “vibration” of what’s in your house, and how to shift it. You learn how to apply your insights in tangible, practical, day-to-day action that is fun and magical to experience.

What is the basic teaching?

We all know (from experience or from television!) that when you sell a house you want to have it in “show condition” to get the maximum return from your investment. When you LIVE in a house you want it to be in Receiving Condition to get the maximum return from your life. Understanding what “Receiving Condition” really means helps you to get clear on what you want in life and begin to attract the physical and emotional experiences that match. Because the teaching is delivered at the level of understanding, it stays with you and translates into immediate action at home.

What are people saying?

I highly recommend this course if you are ready to make changes and have a better life. For me, shifts started to happen as soon as I signed up for the course. Sara has a deep
understanding of the way our homes reflect how we are. She gently and compassionately guided us through the steps for change. The modules that she has created are a thoughtful and perfect progression of actions that have already changed my home but also the way I feel about it and myself. Sara held a safe place for me to share my thoughts and feelings and helped me to relate them back to my home. She encouraged me and gave me hope with her kind wisdom and many ideas and techniques.  Marja

The HouseHeal workshop took me to a place I could not have imagined prior to taking the course. The tools given to me from each session are helpful and so positive in living all aspects of life to the fullest. Our home is our small contribution to making the bigger world a better place. I looked forward to each Saturday morning with enthusiasm to share my new awareness, to listen to the others discoveries and to laugh and learn in a warm, loving and non-judgemental environment. Thanks so very much Sara. Penny

I experience the change in perspective developed through your course daily.  David

 My experiences throughout the four-week course were life-changing and eye-opening. Wow!! I feel like a whole new person, ready to welcome all the positive and happy things (and people) into my life that I am destined to have. I am so grateful and thankful
for Sara coaching me through my challenges. My home will be a better place to live in as I move forward, accepting the changes and inner peace that comes with real self-discovery.  Adrienne

About Sara Brown Crowder

Sara Brown CrowderSara Brown Crowder, B.A. is a dynamic spiritual teacher who helps people to take charge of their lives, beginning at home. Sara’s principle-based approach helps people to recognize how issues such as clutter, mess, décor dilemmas, disrepair, discontent and stagnation at home are all linked to energy and cannot be resolved by action alone. Sara’s powerful and inspiring teaching HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home opens people up to whole new world of awareness, showing them the powerful connection between what’s in their homes and what’s in their lives, and what they can do about it.  Sara’s down-to-earth and practical style makes things fun and easy to understand – and brings immediate tangible results.

With over 25 years of study in the field of personal growth and healing, Sara made the perfect connection between the spiritual and the practical while preparing homes for sale with her husband, realtor Gary Crowder of ReMax Hallmark Realty Ltd in Toronto.  Sara is passionate about people finding their own inner strength and guidance to bring more joy and ease into their lives; she has spoken at major conferences including the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario and the Professional Organizers of Canada.

Sara’s book HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home is now available! Get your copy now!