Finding peace in daily life.

This morning I curled up on the couch in front of the fire, with a book I bought some time ago but had never really looked at. Within a few pages I smiled with recognition at the author’s observation as a meditation teacher that even people engaged in deep spiritual practice find it challenging to maintain their connection to inner peace when they step back into their homes and their daily lives. He says “The situation was the same everywhere. The realization was easy; living it was the challenge.”

That challenge to stay feeling good is precisely what I experienced for so many years. If I could take myself to an inner place of feeling safe and joyful, I wondered why those feelings were just glimpses and moments. Why couldn’t life in general feel that good, especially at home?  People talk about home being a place of peace (“home is where the heart is”), but I have observed that, in reality, for many people, home is a place of feeling stressed and inadequate. That’s why I love my teaching so much. Week after week I see people start to understand what it takes to make home a true place of peace, beauty and well-being, physically and emotionally, and it’s like a light goes on. Something beautiful inside people changes, and in time that change is reflected in how their home looks and feels.

I got this note on Friday from someone who finished the course on Wednesday: I was thinking that your teachings and your embodiment of them are going to produce a seismic shift in my life this year. I really feel much lighter than my usual already optimisticself! And some pretty significant things – which could be called coincidences
but we know they are not – are already happening.”
And just this morning from
another person who finished the course last year:Sara, thank you for teaching us how to get what we want. I learned it, I believe it and it works for me. I will continue to use this magic technique to make changes in my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you.”

I believe that the connection to one’s inner peace does not have to be reserved for moments of quiet reflection, but rather it can become our “normal” place to live, especially at home, and that feelings of being overwhelmed by the chaos of life can become the fleeting moments instead.

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