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Making change at home easier

You can’t force change at home – even when you try really hard. If you think dealing with “stuff” at home feels hard, stop and take a deep breath. There is something in you that still needs to be shifted, … Continue reading

How you bombard yourself with negativity every day – and how to stop.

I read last night that the average person has about 3 million negative thoughts a month. Three million! I don’t know how that research was done, but even if you allow for a wide margin of error, that’s a lot … Continue reading

Glorifying the past at the expense of the future?

People talk about the importance of letting go of stuff at home but few understand why it’s important to your future. It’s all about energy – and it’s really helpful to understand how it works. You can learn a lot … Continue reading

A prerequisite to happiness.

A clean, tidy home in good repair is not a guarantee of happiness, but it is a pre-requisite. Think about it. You can find unhappy people in beautiful homes without looking very far, but rarely will you find a truly … Continue reading

Your bathroom matters. A lot.

Even in beautiful homes, I see bathrooms in need of TLC…and a bathroom in need of TLC means you are in need too! Use your bathroom to tell the Universe “I am ready to take care of myself on whole new … Continue reading

It’s easier to do it all the time.

Getting your house in order – or even keeping in it order – is endless. I have just accepted it. Every day I spend time tidying, putting things away, throwing things out, wiping counters and a whole bunch of other … Continue reading

Letting go of pressure and obligation.

More and more I have been catching moments of feeling free of pressure or obligation to accomplish something in my life – and being able to just be. I don’t mean opting out of life (on the contrary!), just living … Continue reading

The trouble with memories.

What do you do with memorabilia? My answer might sound harsh, but really, unless something has significant monetary or historical value, let it go. Even then, sell it or give it to a museum. Keep a few boxes of your … Continue reading

Last night my niece and nephew were over for a game of euchre, and in the lively chit chat the across the table they talked about their training as YMCA summer camp canoe trip leaders.  One of the safety mantras … Continue reading

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What’s getting in your way at home – time or money? Guess again!

When it comes to getting your home cleaned up, fixed up or organized, what’s in the way of you getting things done? Not enough time? Not enough money? Perhaps both? Maybe it’s other people? If that’s what you’re telling yourself, … Continue reading