Your bathroom matters. A lot.

bathroomEven in beautiful homes, I see bathrooms in need of TLC…and a bathroom in need of TLC means you are in need too! Use your bathroom to tell the Universe “I am ready to take care of myself on whole new level” and create a nurturing space for yourself.  Here are some simple tips and reminders to help you create a spa feeling in your bathroom – no matter your time or budget:

  1. Choose bathroom products with care. What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream. Send the message “I care for and nurture my beautiful body” and choose just a few natural good quality soaps, shampoos and body cream for your personal care.
  2. Clear your drawers and cupboards of old hair brushes, stretched elastics, lotions, potions, pills, bottles and tubes that are past the best before date, dried up, empty or that simply will never be used. Send out the message “I keep only what supports me in being healthy, happy and beautiful.”
  3. Keep toothbrushes out of view. Toothbrushes on display are not only yucky to look at, but exposed toothbrushes invite bathroom germs on them, especially airborne germs when the toilet is flushed. Find a clean dry place to store toothbrushes. Now.
  4. Use your bath towels to say “I am worthy of comfort and beauty”. If your towels are anything but lovely, treat yourself to new ones. If you are on budget, even one beautiful new towel is enough to help you appreciate the difference and raise your vibration.
  5. If you have a dollar store level plastic toilet brush, throw it out. Splurge on a nice toilet brush, maybe in brushed metal and that keeps the brush part out of view.  Beauty in every detail!
  6. Use only high-end (pardon the pun) toilet paper (aka bathroom tissue). Just do. Notice what brand you like (I like Royale) and stock up when it goes on sale. Life is just too short.
  7. Reflect beauty with a beautiful mirror. If you have a basic mirror clipped to the wall above the sink, look for a good quality framed mirror as big as will reasonably fit to replace it. A good mirror adds a touch of elegance.
  8. Enhance beauty with good lighting. Check that light bulbs match, work and are the highest wattage allowed, full spectrum “daylight” bulbs. Forget “eco” bulbs and their ghastly yellow light – just turn the lights off as much as possible. Add a dimmer switch – great for bath time or late night loo visits!
  9. Keep waste out of view. If you can’t tuck your waste-basket away inside a vanity, find a nice-looking container with some sort of swinging top for discretion. Garbage is never beautiful to look at (well maybe when being taken away!).
  10. Clean to pristine. Details, details, details – baseboards, cupboards, windows, corners. Use an old toothbrush to clean around taps. Wash the grunge off your shower curtain. Your bathroom is a reflection of how well you take care of yourself, so take great care.

This list is just for inspiration. There’s lots more – I didn’t even get to candles and music! Begin bit by bit, detail by detail, without letting yourself feel discouraged or overwhelmed. Big changes start with little changes, and your bathroom is a great place to start.

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