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A Spring Cleaning caution…and an invitation

If Spring Cleaning is in your plans this season, use caution. Spring Cleaning can be great but it can also fool you into thinking that getting rid of “stuff” is a finite project or an annual event. It can also … Continue reading

Do you trust yourself?

Pay attention – your answer to this question could seriously change your life: Do you trust yourself? Really? Do you trust when you truly deeply know something? Do you notice and trust when something doesn’t feel right? Not just every … Continue reading

No time? You can change that.

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time, especially at home? Consider this fact: the statement “I don’t have time” is never true – unless of course it is a purely mathematical calculation of time, as in “I don’t have … Continue reading

What it takes to live from love.

Last week I confessed that I have been hiding behind the comfortable topic of “home”, rather than talking openly about what my HouseHeal teaching is really about – and that is learning to love yourself, beginning at home. When you … Continue reading

I have a really powerful confession.

I was at a house-warming party the other night and someone asked me “So, what is your book about?” I know I am supposed to have my perfect “elevator speech” ready to roll off my tongue, but I found myself … Continue reading

Your call to action – Tuesday, Feb 5th at 7 p.m.!

A few weeks ago I saw New York Times best-selling author and well-known spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson speak inPalm Desert,California. She was amazing – probably the most grounded, clear, consistent, passionate speaker I have seen. At the end of the … Continue reading

Shopping locally for home improvements.

We are in the midst of some home improvements right now, and I am having a lot of fun shopping right in our local neighbourhood. Our painters Gus & Chris grew up nearby and buy their paint from  owner-operated (as … Continue reading

Know what to do at home? You might want to think again.

Years ago when I was a corporate meeting planner I designed a group activity in which participants were put into small groups and told to create a short skit to illustrate the principles they had learned from speakers that day. When … Continue reading

Summer is a time when most of us just want to relax and take it easy. At the same time, it is often when we hold out hope for having the time to get around to things at home. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Just 5 minutes a day changes everything!

Did you know that 5 minutes a day is enough to make a huge shift at home? Five minutes of focused daily activity is enough to expand your awareness and appreciation of order and beauty, and begin reducing your energetic tolerance … Continue reading