The secret to a relaxing Summer!

Summer is a time when most of us just want to relax and take it easy. At the same time, it is often when we hold out hope for having the time to get around to things at home. Perhaps you have a list of projects you would like to get to this summer? Here’s a secret: time is never the obstacle to getting things done at home. Really, it’s not. When you are ready for change, you find the time – any time.

You may have experienced it – even if you have an entire week free to dedicate to “getting things done” at home it doesn’t matter if you are not prepared emotionally.  Try all
you want, give it your best shot, but taking on things at home is never pleasant or productive unless you are ready. Getting things done at home is always about your state of mind and your readiness to see what is your choice and within your control. Everything is energy and unless your personal energy is a match to what you want to create at home (beauty, order, peace, love, comfort), your home will not change.

So here’s my suggestion for summer: Give yourself permission to do nothing beyond normal daily care and maintenance at home. Remove the feeling of pressure. Let yourself bask in the feeling of knowing that everything is perfect order, trust that life can feel easy, and that all will be done in perfect time. Let go of the little voice of judgement in your head that tells you that you need to be active and productive. Relax. Think kind and loving thoughts about yourself. Have fun. Let go.

Here’s the thing: when you are really ready for change, even if you try to relax you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting into action. When you are ready for change you experience the joy and liberation that comes with shifting the energy of your home through physical work, and are able to take action with ease. When you are ready for personal transformation, taking on projects at home is as healing as a vacation, perhaps even more so on some levels.

So this Summer, relax. Let go of self-criticism….and see what happens. You might be surprised at how good what happens in your home feels…even if it is nothing! Ironically, learning to feel “good enough” while doing nothing might be just what you need to propel you forward!

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