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A prerequisite to happiness.

A clean, tidy home in good repair is not a guarantee of happiness, but it is a pre-requisite. Think about it. You can find unhappy people in beautiful homes without looking very far, but rarely will you find a truly … Continue reading

The trouble with memories.

What do you do with memorabilia? My answer might sound harsh, but really, unless something has significant monetary or historical value, let it go. Even then, sell it or give it to a museum. Keep a few boxes of your … Continue reading

What’s getting in your way at home – time or money? Guess again!

When it comes to getting your home cleaned up, fixed up or organized, what’s in the way of you getting things done? Not enough time? Not enough money? Perhaps both? Maybe it’s other people? If that’s what you’re telling yourself, … Continue reading

Do you trust yourself?

Pay attention – your answer to this question could seriously change your life: Do you trust yourself? Really? Do you trust when you truly deeply know something? Do you notice and trust when something doesn’t feel right? Not just every … Continue reading

No time? You can change that.

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time, especially at home? Consider this fact: the statement “I don’t have time” is never true – unless of course it is a purely mathematical calculation of time, as in “I don’t have … Continue reading

Know what to do at home? You might want to think again.

Years ago when I was a corporate meeting planner I designed a group activity in which participants were put into small groups and told to create a short skit to illustrate the principles they had learned from speakers that day. When … Continue reading

Summer is a time when most of us just want to relax and take it easy. At the same time, it is often when we hold out hope for having the time to get around to things at home. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Finding the courage to take on what’s at home.

This is a note I sent out this weekend to my “graduates”. It will be more meaningful to you if you have read my book, but even if you have not read the book yet, there is lots here for … Continue reading