I have a really powerful confession.

I was at a house-warming party the other night and someone asked me “So, what is your book about?” I know I am supposed to have my perfect “elevator speech” ready to roll off my tongue, but I found myself stumbling and over-explaining, and not doing my book justice. The last couple of days I have been wondering why I have such a hard time answering what should be a really simple question.

The answer dawned on me yesterday as I was walking our new puppy. I realized that by saying to people that my book is about creating a beautiful, organized home, I have been attempting to play it safe. I have been trying to stay in what I thought was my (and other people’s) comfort zone while, ironically, I was feeling very uncomfortable.

So, here is my confession: I have been stumbling over questions about my book because I have been withholding the truth. I have been hiding. Not any more. I am ready to embrace the truth, which is the fact that even though you will experience a more beautiful, organized home as a result of applying the teaching in my book, that’s not what my book is about. My book is about loving yourself. My book is about loving yourself, beginning at home.

I wish you could feel how good it feels in me to finally say that. Wow. My book is about loving yourself, beginning at home. My book is about loving yourself, beginning at home. My book is about loving yourself, beginning at home. Your home is simply the feedback tool that helps you to bring more love into your life. Now I can’t wait till the next time someone asks about my book! What an incredible relief.

So here’s my question for you: What “comfort zone” are you clinging to that, if you were to be totally honest with yourself, is actually feeling quite uncomfortable? Ponder that one and let me know what you come up with! It could be a huge breakthrough for you.

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