Shopping locally for home improvements.

We are in the midst of some home improvements right now, and I am having a lot of fun shopping right in our local neighbourhood. Our painters Gus & Chris grew up nearby and buy their paint from  owner-operated (as the name implies) Peter’s Paints a few blocks away. Our dining room chairs are currently being reupholstered at Princess Perfect around the corner from our house where Lisa Jo, the owner, is keeping a close eye on things for
us. We found our vintage rosewood dining room table (small enough for euchre
but opens up to seat 10!) at Studio Pazo down on Queen St. E., where owner Leo has been very helpful and patient through our many visits.

Last week we ordered beautiful custom-framed mirrors from Tim & Lillian at Frames and Pictures where we get personal service, unbelievable quality and great prices. Yesterday, I was at family-owned Carpet Mill to look at carpet samples for our stairs (our current stair carpet of course now pales next to the new paint!). And the list goes on.

Shopping at small businesses close to home is not only easy, it feels good.  I love adding to the local economy – money is meant to move around. It’s healthy for everyone. A recent study in Salt Lake City, Utah, found that the local retailers put back roughly 52 percent of revenue back into the local economy, compared to 14 percent for the big retail chains. That’s a big difference. If you want to find out more check out – some important stuff.

There is a place for big retailers too – I still shop at Home Depot (got our light fixtures on-line from – delivered to the door!) and Canadian Tire for lots of things, but making an effort to support local retailers as much as possible just makes sense. Along with the local economic benefits, there something heart-warming about being
called by name when you walk in and knowing that you are helping business owners to make a living doing what they do best.

What can you add to your local owner-operated economy? Get out and have a look! There are some great businesses out there with great products and services for you to discover!




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