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5 Powerful Tips to Leverage Your Spring Cleaning

If Spring cleaning is on your mind, good! As much as HouseHeal is about releasing the energetic & emotional hold “stuff” can have on you, Spring is not typically a time for personal reflection. Spring is a time for action! So, take … Continue reading

When in doubt – 15 minutes works like a charm!

This past weekend I found myself with time at home with no mental or physical energy – I didn’t want to write, I didn’t want to read…I didn’t want to do anything, but I also didn’t want to do nothing…it … Continue reading

Why aren’t we taught this stuff?

After just the first week of HouseHeal into Practice I received this note from a participant…“I am noticing some real changes with respect to awareness. I see time passing more slowly somehow (able to fit more in than I used … Continue reading

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Set your intention right now to have a magical Christmas season.  Let go of financial worries.  Christmas is not about money or gifts. Really it’s not. If money is tight this year, make a conscious effort to catch yourself if you … Continue reading

Peace in the world begins at home.

Years ago I heard social visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard give a conference keynote address that has stayed with me every day since. She explained how those of us living now have a greater responsibility for the world than any previous … Continue reading

Shopping locally for home improvements.

We are in the midst of some home improvements right now, and I am having a lot of fun shopping right in our local neighbourhood. Our painters Gus & Chris grew up nearby and buy their paint from  owner-operated (as … Continue reading