When in doubt – 15 minutes works like a charm!

This past weekend I found myself with time at home with no mental or physical energy – I didn’t want to write, I didn’t want to read…I didn’t want to do anything, but I also didn’t want to do nothing…it was kind of frustrating – and then I remembered one of the basics inspirational tips of HouseHeal…when feeling stuck go do a 15 minute burst of tidying and organizing – so I went down to our basement and got started. Our basement is where floor to ceiling with furniture, lamps, rugs, pillows and more, for getting Gary’s clients’ homes ready for sale, and throughout the year is in varying states of order – this time of year is typically its most chaotic. After 15 minutes of sorting, I felt calmer, more energized and inspired, so I did another 15 minutes. Almost immediately I could feel the wheels turning for the next phase of organizing…and felt energized and inspired to do a LOT of things. The shift in me this week has been really quite remarkable. It’s like taking care of the tiniest of physical details at home helped me to put the bigger pieces of my life into flow.

Everything is energy. Each of us is like those tiny details of home…as we each get our own home life (starting with our thinking at home!) into alignment with Love, Truth and Beauty, the bigger pieces of our lives – and the world begin to flow into alignment as well. Imagine it. Each of us has the power to change the world for the better, just by taking care of the details of our own lives. HouseHeal teaches that as you continue to expand your Awareness of your Universal connection, clarify your intention, and deepen your Willingness to acknowledge what feels right to YOU, beginning at home, you will see more and more changes in your life and world…some subtle, some big….some quickly, and some over time, but wonderful, undeniable changes.



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