Why aren’t we taught this stuff?

After just the first week of HouseHeal into Practice I received this note from a participantI am noticing some real changes with respect to awareness. I see time passing more slowly somehow (able to fit more in than I used to, or thought I could), my thoughts about myself and others are more positive, find myself smiling for no particular reason, and changing some habits to keep things more tidy around me.” And that was just Week One! I love the “smiling for no particular reason”, don’t you? It affirms the fact that a more beautiful, love-filled home begins within you.

I have different emotions during my in-person HouseHeal classes. One is a feeling of profound love and respect and excitement for the people engaged in the course (like the person above!). Their passion, wanting and commitment inspires me. What opens up for people over the 4 weeks of the course demonstrates beyond a doubt the power of HouseHeal to transform lives (and homes!).

On another level, I find myself still in disbelief that what I am teaching is not common knowledge in our world. HouseHeal is still relatively new, but the laws on which it is based are universal (i.e. they apply to every person on the planet!) and have been known since the beginning of time. What HouseHeal does, essentially, is teach you how to use your natural internal operating system to bring more joy, love, beauty and ease and into your life, beginning at home.  In terms of importance, the basic skill is pretty much next in line to breathing, yet so few people know it’s even in them to use. It happens every time I teach a course, that as people begin to understand the deeper implications of what they are actually learning, I hear the question “why weren’t we taught this before?”

I don’t have the answer to that question, but I do feel deeply grateful to be sharing HouseHeal at this time, helping people to transform their lives simply by teaching them how to use the amazing natural powers that have been within them all along (what some people call, among other things, The Law of Attraction). Home just happens to be the perfect starting point to practice using those powers.

If you are ready for change, if you truly want an easier, more beautiful life – a life that includes, among other things, a more beautiful love-filled home, here is what’s coming up on the HouseHeal calendar to help you – mark the dates now!

Free Teleseminar – Wednesday, February 26 at 7 p.m. This call is the first of 2014 and will focus on helping you to know what you (truly, deeply) want at home – and get it with ease.  If you already are on my HouseHeal e-mail list you will get the details on how to join in the call in advance. Tell your friends! There is no cost to join in the call – just show up with curiosity and enthusiasm – and your questions!

HouseHeal into Practice (In-Person – Toronto) The next in-person course will be starting Saturday mornings starting May 31st  (4 weeks) and with a second course Tuesday evenings starting June 3rd (4 weeks).  This class is for people who are truly ready for change at home. Register now – details are here. There are only 7 spots in each class (really!) so claim your spot now!

HouseHeal into Practice (telecourse) – Fall 2014 – If you do not live within easy driving distance of Toronto for the in-person classes, watch for details about a new telecourse coming up, still live and interactive, just “virtual”.  Still a great way to go deeper with this work!

And of course, always available to you is my book HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home. If you do not yet have a copy, order it here. The teaching goes deeper each time you read it – you will see!

 If something inside you is telling you it’s time for a change, it probably is!

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